Our key promise

Van den Elzen Plants does its utmost to ensure that its customers can rely on successful production. We know that the quality of our plants is a crucial factor for your success. That is why we invest in ‘predictable quality’ and we continually improve our organization by means of internal training and education, and by working to smart quality systems. Only in this way can we ensure that you can continue to rely on us and build on your success – every day.


Van den Elzen Plants is made up of a team of some twenty-five permanent employees, plus around 500 temporary workers at peak times. The Management Team are Henk van den Elzen, Jos van den Elzen and Frank Coppens. A team of some fifteen crop experts and foremen control our propagation, cultivation and production. We also employ eight people in sales and in the office. Together we focus on our main priorities: efficiently producing strawberry, asparagus and raspberry plants of a predictable, high quality for the European and international markets.


Our founder, Jan van den Elzen, started the company in 1956 as a producer of outdoor vegetable crops and small fruit. Right from the outset, the company distinguished itself by the use of modern technology to enable it to optimally react to customer wishes.
This drive for innovation was not confined to technology, but was also expressed in our market approach. In the 1970s, Van den Elzen Plantenkwekerij, as it was then called, was one of the first horticultural companies to specialise in producing plant material.
In the mid-1980s, Jan van den Elzen’s sons Jos and Henk started working in the company full-time. This led to a robust round of investments in machines, glasshouses and a processing hall with coldstores so that the company would be able to better comply with the strongly increased demand from customers.
In 2006, a new business premises was built next to the existing facilities. The new premises consist of a processing hall, extra coldstores and a new office. The new processing hall features one of the most advanced installations for grading plant material in the world.
This firm basis has helped the company to become a major international player, with customers throughout Europe. And the organization was regularly adjusted to maintain compliance with the ever-stricter requirements of our international client base. To underline these positive developments, new corporate branding and a new website were introduced in 2016.