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The best of 2 worlds

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Van den Elzen Plants does its utmost to ensure that its customers can rely on successful production. We know that the quality of our plants is a crucial factor for your success. That is why we invest in ‘predictable quality’ and we continually improve our organization by means of internal training and education, and by working to smart quality systems. Only in this way can we ensure that you can continue to rely on us and build on your success – every day.


Van den Elzen Plants consists of a staff of approximately 75 employees, supplemented by some 200-900 temporary workers to cope with peaks. The management consists of Arnoud van Asseldonk, Bart van Eerdt, Maurice Deben and Frank Coppens. Together, we are focused on our main priorities: The efficient production of strawberry-, asparagus-, blackberry- and raspberry plants of a predictable, high quality for the national and international market. In addition, we aim for the highest possible security of supply for you as a customer.


In 2022, Van den Elzen Plantenkwekerij and Het Broek Softfruit merged. This has created one of the largest plant nurseries in Northern Europe. By sharing knowledge, spreading risks and combining strengths, Van den Elzen Plantenkwekerij and Het Broek Softfruit form one team with the best of both worlds..

Van den Elzen Plantenkwekerij
Founder Jan van den Elzen started the company in 1956 as a producer of outdoor vegetables and soft fruit. From the beginning, the company distinguished itself by using modern technology to respond to the wishes of customers as best as possible. In the 70s, Van den Elzen Plantenkwekerij was one of the first horticultural companies to specialise in the cultivation of propagation- and plant material.

In the mid-80s, sons Jos and Henk became full-time active in the company and in 1996 they took over the company from their father permanently. In 2007, in addition to strawberry plants and asparagus crowns, the cultivation of raspberry long canes was added to the range. This solid basis has made the company a major international player with customers throughout Europe and beyond.

Het Broek Softfruitplants
Het Broek Softfruit was established in 1990 by Arnoud and Nancy van Asseldonk. Initially they produced leeks, carrots and strawberries. The cultivation of strawberry plants soon followed and became an important part of the company. The production of leeks and carrots decreased and the sale of plant material became more important.

Since 2005, Arnoud has also specialised in the production of raspberry and blackberry plants. Since 2007, Het Broek Softfruit has been working closely together with BerryWorld® and the exclusive varieties range has been expanded over the years. Years of experience with its own fruit production of strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries have made Het Broek Softfruit a very successful company in the soft fruit sector.

Quality is in our genes

Van den Elzen Plants breathes quality: it is our guiding principle. This high level of quality is interwoven with our business processes and is also expressed through our employees’ level of knowledge. This ensures an optimum start to your production – in line with our priorities!