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Asparagus plants

Van den Elzen Plants produces asparagus plants on more than 70 hectares of sandy soil. We know how important good plants are to you: they are your investment in your successful asparagus production for the next 7 to 10 years. The asparagus plants supplied by Van den Elzen Plants are fully up to this challenge!

Asparagus plants of
different varieties

Van den Elzen Plants produces plants of a wide range of asparagus varieties, We produce plants from asparagus seeds from several suppliers, including Limgroup and Bejo. Some of the asparagus varieties we currently market are Gijnlim, Backlim, Grolim, Frühlim, Herkolim, Cumulus, Cygnus and Prius.

Asparagus plants by
Van den Elzen Plants:

  • Renowned as absolute top quality plant material for many years
  • A large range of varieties is available from different asparagus seed suppliers
  • Grown on high sandy soils, with good permeability, where a typical asparagus disease like Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. asparagi is very unlikely to occur