Asparagus plants


  • For white and green asparagus production
  • Very early production
  • High spear weight and uniform size
  • Excellent flavour
  • Ideal for selling direct from the farm
  • Very stable and strong foliage

The variety

Avalim is a 100% male hybrid that is ideal for white and green asparagus production in a temperate climate. Avalim combines very early production with spear thickness and quality. It produces considerably thicker spears than ijnlim, particularly on light, sandy soils. Avalim is ideally suited to forced early cultivation. Avalim’s very uniform foliage is dark green, very upright and vigorous. The foliage is naturally resistant to lodging and foliage diseases and stays green until late in the autumn. These good foliage traits also make Avalim ideal for organic cultivation methods.

The cultivation

Avalim grows best on well-drained, sandy soils. Our own trials for white asparagus production conducted over a series of years showed that the best results were achieved with a planting density of 3.5 – 4 plants per linear metre with a planting depth of 16 – 20 cm. This planting density can be increased by approximately 30% if the asparagus is harvested green. Thanks to its natural earliness, Avalim is ideally suited to extra forcing techniques, such as plastic mulch and mini tunnels. Avalim also performs well under various types of sheeting and plastic.

Harvest and sales

Avalim has a good production potential, good quality and stems of a good thickness. The product is white with a tightly closed tip and almost no susceptibility to hollow stems, breaks and physiological rust. Seventy percent of production is in grade 16 – 28 mm. Avalim has an excellent flavour, making it perfect for selling direct from the farm.