Asparagus plants


  • Very reliable quality and production
  • The standard variety for heated production
  • Ideal for replantation
  • The ideal variety for late harvesting
  • Excellent flavour

The variety

Backlim is a 100% male hybrid that is ideal for white asparagus production in a temperate climate. This variety is also extremely suitable for harvesting in the second half of the season. Combined with the harvest of the early varieties such as Avalim and Gijnlim, Backlim can result in a long, regular harvest season. Backlim has evolved into the standard variety in heated growing systems. Backlim gives reliable yields and quality, both in covered and open cultivation methods.
Backlim has compact foliage that is not susceptible to lodging. Despite the fact that the foliage dies off naturally early in the autumn, a good store of reserves is built up for the plant.

The cultivation

Backlim is a variety that performs well on all types of well-drained soils. Years of practical experience have shown that Backlim performs best with a planting density of 3.5 – 4.5 plants per linear metre. The recommended planting depth under normal conditions is 18 – 22 cm; planting any deeper means harvesting will start later. Backlim has also proven to give good production on soils previously used for asparagus growing, and is therefore the standard choice of variety for replantation in North-western Europe.

Harvest and sales

Backlim produces fine, straight stems. The quality increases as the plant ages. Backlim produces asparagus with a firmly closed tip and high resistance to breaking, hollowness, pink discolouration and rust. More than 50% of the production is class 20 – 28 mm. Consumers rate Backlim as a variety with exceedingly good flavour properties.