Asparagus plants


  • Suitable for growing white asparagus
  • Very early production
  • Ideal for cultivation in mini-tunnels
  • High spear weight and uniform grades
  • Stable, vigorous foliage

The variety

Frühlim is a 100% male hybrid that is extremely suitable for producing white asparagus in a temperate climate. Frühlim combines early production with thick spears of good quality. The tightly closed tips make Frühlim ideal for cultivation in mini-tunnels or under other types of thermal plastic. Frühlim’s very uniform foliage is dark, erect and vigorous. It is very resistant to foliage diseases and retains its green colour until late in autumn. These good foliage characteristics make Frühlim very suitable for organic cultivation, too.

The cultivation

Frühlim grows best in well-drained sandy soil. In in-house research over a period of several years the best white asparagus results were obtained with a plant density of 3.5 – 4 plants per running metre and a planting depth of 16 – 20 cm. Frühlim’s natural earliness makes it particularly suitable for measures for forcing extra-early crops or for obtaining early crops using thermal plastic or mini-tunnels. Frühlim continues to produce high-quality asparagus under those various forms of cover.

Harvest and sales

Frühlim has a high production potential, a good quality and a good thickness. The product is white with tightly closed tips and is not, or virtually not, susceptible to hollow stems, snapping or stem rust. 75% of the product is in the 16-28 mm grade class.