Asparagus plants


  • For white and green asparagus production
  • The standard variety for early white asparagus
  • The standard variety for green asparagus
  • Extremely high yield potential
  • Ideal for forced production
  • Strong on quality

The variety

Gijnlim is a 100% male hybrid that is highly suitable for both white and green asparagus production in a temperate climate. The variety is an exceptionally early grower and combines this trait with unbeatably high productivity. Gijnlim is ideal for forced cultivation conditions. Due to its outstanding quality, this variety is rated very highly by both farm and direct sales channels. Gijnlim has abundant, heavy foliage but has low susceptibility to lodging. If correct measures are taken to control disease, the foliage remains sufficiently green and strong till autumn.

The cultivation

Gijnlim is ideally suited to fertile sandy and clay soils. The more fertile the soil is, the longer in the season the spear thickness remains good. Extensive practical experience has shown that the best results for white asparagus cultivation are achieved with a planting density of 3 – 3.5 plants per linear metre. This plant density can be increased by approximately 30% if the asparagus is harvested green. Higher planting densities give a higher yield, but can lead to a more rapid decrease in spear thickness. Gijnlim appreciates irrigation if drought occurs while the foliage is developing. Thanks to its natural earliness, Gijnlim is ideally suited to extra forcing techniques, such as anti-condensation covers, mini tunnels and plastic mulch.

Harvest and sales

Gijnlim has a very high production potential and exceptionally reliable quality. The main spear size is 16 – 24 mm. Gijnlim has excellent tip closure, is straight and smooth and has high resistance to rust and breaking. Good post-harvest handling will prevent pink discolouration.