Asparagus plants


  • 100% male hybrid
  • Very early production
  • Extremely high yield potential
  • Stable, long life
  • Uniform quality and grades
  • Very stable and strong foliage

The variety

Vitalim is a 100% male hybrid that is ideal for white asparagus production in regions with a warm or Mediterranean climate. Vitalim combines very early production with exceptionally high yields and a long, profitable production life. Vitalim is also ideally suited to forced early cultivation. The very uniform, vigorous foliage of Vitalim is very upright. The foliage is naturally highly resistant to foliage diseases and insusceptible to lodging. These good foliage traits also make Vitalim ideal for organic cultivation methods.

The cultivation

Vitalim grows best on fertile, well-drained soils. Our own extensive research has shown that the best results for white asparagus production can be achieved with a planting density of 4 – 5 plants per linear metre with a planting depth of 18 – 22 cm. On fertile soils not sensitive to drought or fields that are irrigated and/or where fertigation is present, a planting density of 6 plants per linear metre is possible. Thanks to its natural earliness, Vitalim is ideally suited to extra forcing techniques such as plastic mulch and mini tunnels.

Harvest and sales

Vitalim has an extremely high production potential, excellent quality and good thickness. The uniform product is resistant to breaking, has firmly closed tips and has little or no susceptibility to hollow stems or physiological rust. Correct post-harvest handling not only improves the storage life but also reduces the risk of pink discolouration. More than 70% of production is in grade class 16 – 24 mm. Vitalim has a particularly good flavour.