Raspberry plants


  • ‘Double Cropping’ type
  • High yield
  • Extended season
  • Exceptional fruit shelf-life

The variety

Grandeur is easy and economical to grow with a good tolerance against pests and diseases. The fruit has an exceptional shelf-life with a well appreciated fruit flavour. This is one of the first true ‘Double Cropping’ types providing a very high yield over an extended season.

The cultivation

This variety can be grown in soil or substrate, from roots, plugs or ‘Long canes’. Long canes can be used to start a perennial crop. In this case, summer fruit can be picked from the canes. During the picking period, besides the existing ones, new canes should be grown. The top parts of the new canes can be picked at the end of the summer. With the remaining part, raspberries can again be produced in the spring. By growing new canes alongside the production canes, the roots can be used for several years. By using various cultivation techniques, plant data and storage in the cold store, it is possible to pick raspberries almost all season. Grandeur is slower into production than a typical Tulameen or Glen Ample, but crops over an extended period. The variety has to be grown under rain protection. To date, it has shown good tolerance to mildew and botrytis fruit infection as well as most cane and root diseases.

Harvest and sales

Grandeur gives an exceptional shelf-life capability without compromising its fruit eating qualities. This provides advantages to both growers and fruit retailers.