Raspberry plants


  • Large raspberries
  • Bright, orange red colour
  • Good shelf-life
  • Good taste

The variety

Kwanza is a top-class raspberry. This primocane raspberry variety is distinguished by its very large fruit size and its bright orange red colour. Other features are good flavour and excellent shelf life. A high yield and easy picking qualifies Kwanza as an exceptional variety.

The cultivation

Kwanza is preferably grown in substrate and is very suitable for double cropping, which entails raspberry picking in autumn and in spring. Limitation of the number of canes per linear meter, creates an open crop with large fruit that allows quickly picking. An excellent yield is the result. Important advice is to leave the plants fairly dry at night, which can be managed by stopping watering in the afternoon in a timely manner. Compared to other varieties, Kwanza requires more calcium and less potassium, especially in the period up to harvest.

Harvest and sales

Kwanza is suitable for growing in moderate and Mediterranean climates for the more experienced raspberry growers. In Mediterranean areas, we recommend the use of a shade net during warm months. During harvest, the fruit often release more readily when picked later in the day. Once harvested, there is almost no colour change and the quality remains good.