Raspberry plants


  • Good shelf-life
  • High yield
  • Easy to pick

The variety

Lagorai is a floricane variety with a high productivity. The fruit has a typical, conical shape, a bright red colour, a good size and good hardiness. The plant is very vigorous and produces short laterals. Because of these short laterals, the berries are easy to pick. The average weight of the berries is 6,5 gram. In the beginning of the season, the berries can be up to 9 grams. During the season, the fruit size decreases. The fruit is dry and has a very good shelf-life and firmness. It has a beautiful flavour, with a °Brix of 8.7.

The cultivation

The short laterals need extra support. It’s recommended to use two lines instead of one for support of the laterals. This lines can best be placed at a distance of 20cm and 50cm from the canes. Internodes of this variety are close to each other. During the season, the plant needs extra iron, to maintain the green leaves. This variety is very vigorous and therefore, it makes side shoots. This means some extra work, but also a high yield.

Harvest and sales

The structure of the plants allows an easy and rapid harvest. The harvest period for Lagorai is about 40 days. This variety has an average yield of 1,4 kilograms per cane. There are medium chilling hours required for Lagorai long-canes, about 600 to 700 hours. The shelf-life of the fruit is fantastic en therefor suitable for all types of sale channels. Vajolet is available for Austria, Germany and France.