Raspberry plants


  • Very good flavour
  • Bright red colour
  • Low chilling hours

The variety

Vajolet is a floricane variety with a high productivity. The fruit has a typical, conical shape, a very bright red colour, a good size and good hardiness. The plant is very vigorous and produces quite short laterals. The medium weight of the berries is 6,5 gram. There is not a significant decrease in fruit size. It is uniform during the whole season. The fruit has a medium shelf-life and firmness but a very good flavour. The beautiful flavour, with a °Brix of 8.9 makes the fruit very attractive. There are low chilling hours required for Vajolet long-canes, about 300 to 400 hours.

The cultivation

The shelf-life isn’t excellent, but the taste of the fruit is even better! The laterals of Vajolet plants are longer and stronger than the canes of Lagorai Plus. This variety is two weeks earlier in comparison with Lagorai Plus.

Harvest and sales

The structure of the plants allows an easy and rapid harvest. The harvest period for Vajolet is about 40 days. This variety has an average yield of 1,3 kilograms per cane. Because of the medium shelf-life, but perfect taste, this variety is very suitable for retail and direct sales. Vajolet is available for Austria, Germany and France.