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Van den Elzen Plants has been producing strawberry plants for professional growers for more than sixty years. For you as a grower, the plant is one of the most important elements of your company. That explains why quality is the main criterion for our production of strawberry plants, since good quality plant material can make the difference between a good and a poor production season.
Van den Elzen Plants produces plants of a wide range of strawberry varieties, including early, late and everbearing varieties. We produce plants of the well-known Elsanta and Sonata varieties, but also of other varieties such as Dahli, Jive, Arabella, Flair, Faith, Elegance and Jive. We have been a Flevo Berry Concept® partner since 1 January 2015 and this has led to a further expansion of our range of strawberry varieties.

Strawberry plants by
Van den Elzen Plants

  • Absolute focus on quality and uniformity
  • Propagated in special, high-health glasshouses
  • A wide range of varieties
  • A wide range of plant types: from propagation material to tips, fresh bare rooted plants, frigo plants, waiting bed plants and (mini)trays

Plant types

Van den Elzen Plants supplies different types of strawberry plants to professional strawberry growers. The large variety of plant types that we offer enables us to supply the plants to match your cultivation. Our plant selector can help you with this.

We supply the following types of plants: