Strawberry plants



  • Good shelf-life
  • Good yield potential
  • Easy to pick
  • Extended crop season

The variety

Arabella has the potential to crop over an extended season. The fruit has an attractive appearance and the variety has a good yield potential. Arabella is suitable for a wide range of geographies using different plant types and planting dates.

The cultivation

Arabella is a medium vigorous plant with well presented, easy to pick fruit. The variety is suited to be grown in substrate, preferably with rain protection. For cropping from June to October, graded bare-root plants or minitrays can be planted during early spring. During late spring, mini-trays can be planted for production from late June to October. Arabella has a good tolerance to fruit botrytis. Protective treatments for powdery mildew are recommended.

Harvest and sales

Arabella has a good shelf-life and transporting capability, as well as a pleasing texture. The fruit retains a good size and shape throughout the season. The Class I potential is high. It retains a moderately high brix level. The mid-red colour suits most European consumers.