Strawberry plants


  • Excellent fruit quality
  • Tolerant to rain damage and flower thrips
  • Firm and well-formed fruits with a good taste
  • Excellent uniformity of shape and colour

The variety

Bravura has a beautiful look in the punnet. The fruit skin and fruit itself is firm and therefore suitable for longer distribution channels. The fruit shape is conical and uniform with an attractive fresh green calix. The taste is sweet with a light fresh note. Bravura is a homogenic compact full plant with glossy large green leaves. The pollen quality is excellent from the first pick.

The cultivation

Bravura does not colour after picking and holds colour on the plant and would enable a longer picking interval. The fruit is firm in texture and can stand rain fairly well. Fruit size holds well even after warmer temperatures. A planting distance of 4-5 trays / 5-6 minitrays is recommended.

Harvest and sales

Bravura is tolerant against rain and fruit is tolerant to flower thrips. Bravura is strong against mildew. On gutters trusses have enough elongation and fruit picks easily, picking speed is high. With Bravura yields are achieved from 8 to 9 kg per linear meter.