Strawberry plants


  • Early season (ripening time 3-4 days after Flair)
  • High % class 1 fruit
  • Glossy bright red fruit – Very attractive in the punnet, also after storage
  • Firm berries which are easy to pick
  • Suitable for both direct sales as for supermarket

The variety

Dahli is developed and tested for the early start of the season. The combination of the earliness, taste and exceptional gloss makes sure you can surprise your customers from the start of the season. Brix in line with other varieties in the market, firmness higher. It has a very good pollen quality making fruit set perfect, even under cold spring circumstances. Leaves are erect and strong, enabling the plant to carry fleece easily. Flowering takes place in between the leaves, minimizing potential spring frost risk.

The cultivation

Dahli is a variety with high chilling requirement (>700 hrs <7°C). Dahli is an open plant with strong leaf stem. The flower trusses are noticeable short and grow under the leaves, therefore it can stand some rain. Berries are well displayed and easy to pick. The leave canopy protects the berries from rainfall. Recommended planting distance is 35cm. Take good care of plant height, do not plant too deep. Plants can be forced by the use of plastic/acryl in spring.

Harvest and sales

For sufficient production in the early season, heavy plants are recommended. Cold store (frigo) plants should be planted in April-June for a harvest in spring next year. With a planting mid/end of August with fresh plants a yield of >800 gr per plant can be reached.