Strawberry plants



  • Mid-late season variety
  • Exceptional fruit quality
  • Good tolerance to rain
  • Firm and juicy
  • 60-day production

The variety

Elegance crops over an extended period in the mid late season. The fruit are very attractive, due to the bright orange/red colour, the firm and juicy texture and the uniform conic shape. The flavour is at its best when the fruit is fully coloured. The juicy, sweet berries are hard to resist. The berries have a waxy skin with good skin strength and are larger than Elsanta. They hold well both on the plant and in store. Tolerance to rain is a big advantage, but it shows a susceptibility to powdery mildew (Podosphaera aphanis).

The cultivation

Elegance plants are taller, more vigorous and with a more erect habit than Elsanta. The plant is moderately resistant to Verticillium dahliae. The variety has exceptional fruit quality and can be used in all production systems, but the variety is ideally suited to 60-day production. The percentage of class 1 berries is high. It produces a high yield over an extended period. Elegance is well suited to produce high quality fruit using modern production systems on either an annual or perennial crop cycle on protected or unprotected sites.

Harvest and sales

The fruit is suited to most market outlets. Supermarkets score the berries highly for appearance, firmness and flavor. The variety is a good addition to the existing group of June-bearing program for both growers and retailers.