Strawberry plants



  • Late
  • Beautiful fruit
  • Good flavour
  • High productivity while maintaining the fruit size
  • Vigorous growth

The variety

The Faith selection is a late and productive variety belonging to the Flevo Berry Concept®. 7 to 10 days after Elsanta. Faith has attractive, bright fruit which have a good flavour.

The cultivation

Faith grows vigorously, which necessitates a generous planting distance. The flowering period of this variety is well spread, leading to a long harvesting season. It is also possible to apply the deep straw technique to this variety for an even later harvest. The quality of the flowers is excellent which results in a good setting and little malformation. The trusses have clear branches, making the fruit easily accessible to pickers. The fruit are very easy to pick. High productivity means that nutrient levels must be maintained during the harvest. Sufficient potassium should be given in order to maintain the fruit quality. The variety appears to be reasonably tolerant to Mildew and Botrytis. Preventive treatment against Phytophthora Cactorum is advisable.

Harvest and sales

Faith is conical in shape and has a bright red colour, which looks like Sonata. For marketing purposes, Faith fits in perfectly after Flair / Fleurette / Sonata, with its late season and tasty fruit. The fresh taste is appreciated by a wide public and will induce repeat buying.