Strawberry plants



  • Zeer productieve doordrager
  • Uitstekende smaak
  • Heldere en glanzende vrucht
  • Sterk tegen meeldauw en vruchtrot
  • Weerbaar tegen wortelziektes

The variety

Furore is an everbearing variety with excellent characteristics. The quality and yield of the Furore are very good and can be used in many forms of cultivation. Furore is a fast grower, which means that the variety comes into production early. The fruit are conical and elongated in shape and have a bright red colour, which, just as the shine, also remains well preserved during storage. After Favori, Furore is the second Flevo Berry Concept® variety in the everbearing flavour segment. Because of its good flavour, Furore is very suitable for direct sale to consumers, but it can also be easily distributed through other sales channels.

The cultivation

Furore grows easily, either loose or as plug and tray plants. Furore grows vigorously in substrates, so the plant density should not be too high. A special characteristic of the Furore is the fast growth of new rhizomes. The variety therefore comes into production very quickly from newly formed flowers. This plant growth enables the production of many kilos, even though the plant is light. The plant type and the time of planting have a great influence on the harvesting period. When cultivating light frigo plants in the ground (planted March/April) the winter flowers are removed. The plant then has to grow as quickly as possible to achieve a harvest from July, with newly grown flowers. When plug plants are planted in the ground in the autumn, a full harvest can be achieved as early as May-June. After the spring harvest, there can be a slight dip of only about two weeks. Production then quickly picks up again in July. It is also possible to achieve a large, early production with tray plants. During periods of high productivity maintain sufficiently high nutrient levels to guarantee the firmness of the fruit.

Harvest and sales

Furore fruit are bright and glossy and retain their fresh colour during storage. Also during warm periods the fruit set remains good and the fruit do not become ‘seedy’. The flavour is very good, pleasantly well-balanced; you can’t stop eating Furore!