Strawberry plants



  • Mid-season variety
  • Excellent flavour
  • Easy to pick
  • Beautiful fruits
  • High yield

The variety

Sonata is just what a strawberry should be like: a very tasty and beautiful fruit. This mid-season, Junebearing strawberry variety has excellent fruit set and produces beautiful, uniform fruits. Yields are high, with a large percentage of grade A fruits. Sonata is easy to pick and requires little sorting. The variety is suitable for diverse cultures, ranging from Scandinavia to the Alpine countries. Sonata guarantees juicy strawberries with a sweet flavour and a distinct strawberry aroma. Typical qualities of Sonata are its conical shape, orangey red colour and its beautiful crown. The firm fruits also retain their beautiful gloss in storage.

The cultivation

Sonata produces good quality flowers. Its flowering and harvest periods match those of Elsanta, with Sonata having a better harvest spread. Generally, the inflorescences stay just below the leaf. The fruits have good rain resistance and are not prone to splitting, but Sonata is a little more fragile in hot weather. This can be compensated for by a higher picking frequency and by harvesting whilst the fruits are still orange. The fruits will colour more for a while after they have been picked. Sonata’s yield is high, especially due to the high percentage of grade A fruits. Sonata is easy to pick and requires little sorting. Bringing the harvest time forward causes hardly any loss of yield or quality. When grown in the field, the plants must be planted at the right depth since they have a relatively short rhizome. Susceptibility to fruit rot (Botrytis) and root rot (Rhizoctonia) can be countered by good preventative treatment from the flowering period until harvesting, especially when grown in tunnels and as a continuous culture. Sonata has high magnesium, manganese and iron requirements. The variety has low susceptibility to mildew (Podosphaera aphanis).

Harvest and sales

Sonata produces beautiful strawberries in the various different kinds of cultivation. The variety is used a lot for early cultures and for the first 60-day cultures. Sonata can be forced quite well by covering it with foil. It is less suitable if delaying the harvest by means of straw. In normal cultivation and when using frigo plants, Sonata plants grow abundantly. In greenhouses, this variety is mainly used for heated culture. Sonata also performs very well in greenhouses with artificial lighting. The variety is highly suited to both these types of cultivation due to its good fruit set and high production. Efficiency is high because Sonata does not produce any misshapen fruits. Sonata has low susceptibility to frost, and is therefore also suited to cultivation in Scandinavia.