Quality is in our genes

Van den Elzen Plants breathes quality: it is our guiding principle. This high level of quality is interwoven with our business processes and is also expressed through our employees’ level of knowledge. This ensures an optimum start to your production – in line with our priorities!

Product quality

Van den Elzen Plants continually monitors the plant quality. This starts when we select the soil in which we will grow our plants and it continues until the moment we deliver the plants. A unique, internally developed system enables us to record and monitor more than eighty quality aspects. Besides our employees, external advisers also incorporate their findings into this system – and that is something quite unique. This also enables us to react and correct quickly, and thus produce top quality plants!

Quality in people

Van den Elzen Plants invests in the qualities of its people every day; we constantly challenge our employees and invest in their knowledge and skills. Our internal certification system continuously offers them footholds for further development and improvement.
This means that our people always use their talents to their best; and always with the underlying goal of being able to react and respond to your wishes, requirements and questions. In this way, we also contribute to a maximum result for you, as a grower. Choosing for Van den Elzen Plants gives you a head start right away!