Strawberry plants



  • Interestingly late
  • Delicious flavour
  • Light fruit colour
  • Good quality shelf life
  • Resistant to mildew

The variety

A distinguishing feature of the Sussette variety is the interestingly late season; 14 days after Elsanta. The lightly coloured fruit look very much like Elsanta, are bright and have a delicious flavour. Sussette has been developed for the Flevo Berry Concept® and is a further improvement of the late segment.

The cultivation

The Sussette plant is compact with a lovely upturned leaf. The variety blooms just above the leaf, meaning that flowers dry up quickly and there is little chance of fruit rot. The variety is resistant to mildew. It is also possible to apply the deep straw technique to this variety for an even later harvest.

Harvest and sales

The Sussette fruit are conical in shape and have a light red colour. As the colour of the fruit does not continue to deepen and there are few problems with pressure marks, this variety is perfectly suitable for longer distribution channels. The size and appearance of the fruit are similar to Elsanta. In terms of marketing, Sussette follows the sale of the lightly coloured Elsanta types, such as the Fleurette early variety. The taste is particularly good and the fruit has a freshly acidic flavour similar to that of Elsanta.